Going Bottomless!

We played volleyball and my kini bottom had two strings on either side holding the front and back bits together. They looked a bit flimsy, but what the hell, I loved to show and it was nice... Well, I tried to slam the ball and as I jumped all 4 snapped... I ended up on my *** with my ***** full of sand! Yuck!!!! Was kinda funny though! I called for a replay of the point, which was granted ;)
Ally69 Ally69
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12 Responses Apr 24, 2012

Embarrassing, but funny!!! Lol

My limited experience is that volleyball is easier to play nude.

Wish I had been there to see THAT!

Sounds uncomfortable for you but quite a great sight for everybdy else .

i can be there cleaning your ***** of sand and then ******* you on the beach so that when you play after that you have *** dribbling down and that would be the ultimate showoff!

What some people will do to get a takeover... Very nice. Thanks.

That had to be a great sight.

Should have taken off the top too and finished the game naked. I'm sure the other pla<x>yers would grant you as many relays as you wanted ;)

That very funny, glad you liked it as much as the on lookers

I hope this will help to take the yuck away and maybe you will even enjoy it

I would have love to remove the sand with my tongue

yuck....hate getting sand in my bits! lol