My Bikini Came Off

It was a scorching hot August summer weekend. I was out boating with a group of friends on the lake. There was 6 of us all together, 3 girls and 3 guys, but none of us were together as couples. We were out in the lake anchored off, and drinking some beers and swimming off the back of the boat.

I, like the other 3 girls had bikinis on. I had shorts on over my bottoms, but I took them off before I jumped in for a swim. I got back in the boat after a while but since I was wet I left my bottoms off. The friend who owned the boat suggest we go tubing, and it sounded fun to us so we puled the anchor up, tossed the tube in the water and I got in it first.

I had been pulled in a tube before but not in a long time, since I was a kid. He started out slow, and it was fun. I waved at him to go faster, then it got intense and I had to hold on for dear life. He turned the boat and it whipped me ot on the tube at light speed, and I got flung across the water at the speed of ight. I skipped 2 times like a pebble and then I went under.

I came up gasping for air. I didn;t have a life jacket on, which was stupid, but I'm a good swimmer anyway. I was treading water and I realized my bikini top was gone. I felt down, my bottoms were gone too. I looked around but I couldn't see them anywhere. Then my friends pulled up next to me in the boat asking if I was alright. I said yes but told them my problem and they all laughed at me. It wasn't a really big deal, they had all seen my topless before, but not bottomless.

They helped me up int the boat and they were all laughing at me. I'm not very modest, so I didn;t bother trying to cover up. I took the opportunity to get a tan, and they loved seeing me smear lotion all over myself. I solicited a guy to get my back, and ***. I had to smack his hand, but just for effect, when he got bit too fiesty. He was applying it to my butt and slipped between my legs and tried to rub my labia.

I stayed naked for a while, and eventually put on a pair of shorts that he had on the boat. I did stay topless the whole time, well up until we headed for shore and there were kids around. I ended up getting a nice tan and no tan lines!
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You should have gone out again and tried tubing naked. I give it my highest recommendation.

I posted a story with a similar ending except mine involved skiing rather than tubing. Great story - I really enjoyed it. Thanks

amazing story, love to see what you look like, please add me

Rock on! Your friends are lucky to have such a fun-loving person in their midst

Mmmmm fun times with friends. I love it. You should have required the rest to dress to match! Lol

Great story I bet the guys are still talking about that boat trip. My wife used to get naked on our boat all the time it was great .But sadly we sold the boat. I miss the nudity,from women like you and her.