I Lost My Boyfriend ..

I lost my boyfriend week ago .. i dont know how to start or how to tell my story, but it realy hurts and its hurting me more and more every day ! i could not believe yet that the thing that was between us its over and that illnever see him again !
We just started it's been two months when we started our relationship.. I know its not a lot but i feel like my world is faling a part ! i can imagine him sittin next to me in the class room , wherever i door go somewhere i keep seeing  him,  and rememering  how much he was nice and good n faithfull to me .. im lost, nothing can make it right ! its seems like yesterday he was talkin to me and tellin me how much he loved me n how much we wanted to stay together , and then just like that HE'S GONE!
I love u babe, always did n always will ...
Ayeor Ayeor
Dec 8, 2012