I Lostmy Baby Brother To Cancer

While he had just turned 33, he will always be my baby brother. He went in to have surgery on a hemotoma in his leg, and 3 weeks later lost his entire leg due to a rapidly growing tumor. By this time (they did nothing for 3 weeks--big mistake), it had spred to his lungs. He did chemo, which shrank the timors on his lung, but it then spread to his brain. It was slow motion hell on earth for my family. He was diagnosed in late April and died on Dec 6th, 2010. Watching him suffer and become confused and disoriented because of all the pain meds was heartbreaking, and I relive those last few weeks more than I can stand sometimes. I know he is in heaven, and is fully healed now, but I am selfish and want him here, not just for me, but for his precious 5 yr old daughter, who misses her daddy. Time does not heal, but it helps me learn to cope a little more each day.
My heart breaks for all who have watched a love one suffer this horrible disease!
amytow amytow
Dec 2, 2011