It's his birthday today. I will never forget.
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How old were u when it happened?

which one?

How old were u when ur brother died

almost 12

Sorry I was just curious cuz u seem to b handling it well (which usually only happens if someone was little). Irony my grandfather has cancer ATM too

Oh i am sorry to know that. Well it didnt really sink in then as much as when I became an "adult".
What kind of CA?

He (grandfather) doesn't like to talk about it, but my uncle told me it was intestinal cancer

oh ok. I hope he is atleast currently stable , comfortable atm.


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How old was he when he died?
I had a stepbrother 10 days younger than me who died in 1978 when we were both 21. He had skin cancer :(
He was a Cambridge undergraduate at the time with an enormous musical talent and it was a huge loss

he was 6 almost 7 yo.
he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Was diagnosed at age 1 1/2 yo. He did chemo for almost 5 years but oh well...


Thankyou for replying BB

*G* x x x

Sorry to hear about your brother, I lost my mother 15 years ago to cancer and my oldest dogs 2 months ago.

Cancer is a B!tch! Excuse My language! Sorry to hear about your brother! Deepest Condolences!

Thank you ...

Cancer sucks..It's all over my family. I lost both Mom and Dad to the disease....

:( sorry for ur lost princess :(

Cancer is very unfair. I am sorry for your loss and nice to see that his memory lives on.

thanks coach

I think about this when it's my mother's birthday. (She died from cancer too.)


you are sweet