Cancer Took My Little Brother.

He was 38 years old when he died, but he'll always be my little Brother.  He was the baby of the family, but he had the biggest heart.  His cancer was Chordoma, it is a rare cancer, only 2% of all cancers are Chordoma.  It is a bone cancer.  It was so rare that even the cancer experts didn't know how to treat it.  After consulting with  cancer doctors around the world, they decided to treat him with surgery and radiation.  He had the surgery, we were told they got all the tumor, but he'd need radiation to be absolutly sure.  He reluctently started the radiation. After weeks and weeks of radiation treatments, on the day of his last treatment, he had to be taken to the ER.  It was then that they decided he needed further surgery to see if it had spread.  They found that the Chordoma that had started in his tailbone and spinal chord  had spread to both lungs.  There were too many tumors to even count.  There was nothing more that Doctors could do.  They said he would probably live 6 months to a year more.  He was only 37 then, he was the youngest of 4 kids and he had a 2 yr. old Daughter and 13 yr. old Son that he wouldn't get to see grow up.  The radiation had accelerated the spreading of his cancer.  He lived 8 more months, if you can call those last horrible months living.  He died Oct. 3rd, 2004.  He had turned 38 in June. It still hurts, like it was yesterday.  I lost a part of myself when he died.  I carry a part of him in my heart always.  Cancer took my Brother from me and also my Friend, but it didn't take away my wonderful memories, or my undieing love for my little brother.

BJTreese BJTreese
Sep 7, 2008