Big Brother

I am 16 years old, a junior in high school and a little over a month ago my 25-year-old brother committed suicide. It tore me and my whole family apart. There isnt a moment where i dont think about him. My dad tells me and my 21-year-old sister to "be there for your mom" and i dont think he understands that just because were strong on the outside, doesnt mean that were not hurting like crazy on the inside. I am still in denial about everything. I just dont understand, i talked to him on the phone two days before he did it and everything seemed fine. he seemed happier than ever. were fought through the years, sure, but recently we grew a hell of a lot closer. everything i do reminds me of him. i put on a smile just so people dont ask questions. he was always a weird kid but he had such great friends and family. i just want him back. i just want this all do be a dream and to see his face again and to talk to him again. its just not fair. i miss him so much. I love you Justin Joesph Cavanaugh, even if i didnt seem like it, i do, so much. RIP big guy. ill see you again some day. I Love You.
theroo52 theroo52 16-17 1 Response Nov 11, 2011

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I'm crying as I read your story. I can tell you love your brother very much. Please carry on and live a good, full, long, and healthy life for your brother and for yourself. I'm willing to bet that's what he wants for you as well.<br />
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I don't know you, but I love you, and I'm deeply sorry for your loss.