MY Baby Brother

His Name was Lewis Everett and he was the light of my life for the 2 1/2 years that he was here... While my mother was pregnant with me she was told throughout her pregnancy that she was carrying a boy well imagine her and my fathers surprise when i came out a not a boy..  I dont want to say that my parents didnt want me but i wil say that they did want a boy.. Well a few years later they got there wish... While my mother was in her eighth month of pregnancy her and my father got into one of many altercations and he pushed her.. She fell down a set of stairs well little to there knowledge at the time the placenta had abrupted my mother was rushed to the hospital and they performed an emergencey c-section but by the time they had gotten Lewis out he already had severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen.. By looking at him a person could never have imagined that this beautiful baby was fighting for his every breath.. The doctors told us that he wouldnt make it through the night...  By some grace of god he did and he was breathing on his own.. I at the time being as young as i was didnt understand the severity of the situation.. Lewis spent his short life in and out of intensive care units.. only ever spending a short time at home with me.. But in the time he was here he molded my entire life.. To this day I think about him daily and i hope that i make him proud.. He was the best gift god could have ever given me and even though it was only for a short time i thank him for each and every moment that i was able to spend with him.. I was angry for many years feeling as though i was cut short out of having a sibling but i now know he is in a better place and he watches over me... making sure im okay along the way... I love you Lewis and until i see you again..

18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 7, 2007

I know for a fact that you are honoring him. And who nows, maybe God will grant you your wish and reincarnate Lewis as your son.

You do him great honour by remembering him in such a way. Don't ever let that go.<br />
Keep 'em smilin', Paddo