I Wonder What My Brothers Would Be Doing Right Now?

In 1985, my oldest Brother woke up early and was teasing my Mom like he always did and asked my Mom to bring him to work...little did we know that would be the last time we would see him. He had a job for a family in town, digging a hole for their Well..It was 6' deep and when he was done he climbed out of the hole and the boy that was watching him told him to go down because he had forgotten his dad's tools down there and so my Brother did...and that was when the hole caved in on top of him...I cannot imagine what he was going through at that time..i don't think about it but sometimes i do...they tried hard to rescue him, but they kept hitting his legs and every time they would dig, it would just keep falling on him...they finally got him out, but it was to late...I cannot imagine what they were going through, living in a small community where everyone knows everyone and having to try to save someone's life and not succeed..and the one person is now my Brother In-Law...he doesn't talk about that day and we don't ask..My brother was only 21, he was the oldest of my Brothers, he had his whole life ahead of him and it was taken away to soon and so tragically...
My other Brother passed away in 2003, a year after my Mother lost her battle to Liver Cancer, he was suppose to come to my place and do some work for my husband, but my Sister and Dad were visiting my Dad's sister in New York, and my other 2 brothers where working so he decided to wait till they were all home to come down from Alberta then, so he decided to go to BC for a holiday. He had a blast on June 22nd, his friends said he was so happy and he was a regular drinker and that night he was drinking coffee..very odd they had said..which was true...that night he went to bed and never woke up..when his friend came home he was already gone..we had found out he died from a drug overdose...I was in shock, much older than when I lost my first brother and the only one home at the time when I got that phone call...The hardest thing was having to call my Sister in New York and that was the hardest thing my Sister had to do was tell our Dad that he had lost his Youngest Son...he was 35...and he passed away one day before my Sisters Birthday...These days are so clear in my mind, I can remember them just like yesterday...2 young men taken away so young..so many questions, and no one to answer them...
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wow.....just wow...my heart goes out to you hun

Thank You leafje...

while not my brother i offten wonder what i would be doing if my wife wass till alive or had even lived a few more years <br />
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what life would be like

Big Hugs to you..

Losing one brother is heart breaking enough, I can imagine how hard it must be to lose another. Sending you a hug x

Thank you Tiger88!!

This is so very sad :(<br />
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Hugs aren't enough but I'll send a bunch anyway

Thank you, you are so kind...