my brother raised me from the time i can remeber, we were 13 months apart and he was my best friend in the world he was my protector, my savior i knew nothing could ever happen to me because i had darryl on my side, then i had a dream that he was going to die, and a month later that dream came true....i knew 3 days before he did to get the family together and be with darryl, and on valentines day i got the call that he passed away from a heart attack while playing video games with his son....i have never been the same since i lost him...i am scared, i feel alone, i feel like why him and not me, he was the best, he was the glue that held this family together im just the misfit why was he taken and not me, why doesn't his little boy have to grow up without a father like he did, i have stopped serving god because i am mad that he took my best friend the only man i loved and needed away from me...and now i can't seem to let love in, i push it away so i don't have to feel this loss ever again....
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2012

I hope you can see your brother in heaven. :'(

That's really sad. I'm so sorry.