Miss you buudy :]

When i was three i had a brother, Morgan, who was 1. He was my best friend i would do everything with him. One morning we got up early to jump on the top bunk. He was too small to climb the latter so i had to help him up it. Anyways we started jumping on the bed having the time of our lives. Morgan slipped and fell in between the top bunk bed and the wall. His neck became entraped causing him to hang up on his neck. I immediatley knew there was something wrong running to moms room shaking her. She would not wake shrugging me off.. everything was a blur to me after that. I lost my brother that day ;[.
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Wow man that had to<br />
Be brutal so sorry. I know you never truly get over something like that I really feel for you

appreciate tht man thnks


thanks for your sincerity guys. Its nice to know that theres actually caring people on this site :)

That's awful im suprized you remember at such a young age

I contemplating writing things like "that's sad" or "I'm sorry for your loss and traumatic experiences." However, I felt you deserved to hear what I immediately said inside my head after I finished reading this.. "whoa... that's ******."

ohhh no,that's real sad;(

aw jee thanks missie that was nice

:( sorry buddy. This breaks the heart. Life can be ****** up sometimes but stay strong no matter what!