My Brother Died 9 Years Ago.

Hi everyone. My brother died 9 years ago and it still feels like yesterday that I got the call that changed my life forever. When he died everything in me hurt and nothing has been the same since his passing. He was my only brother and sometimes I wonder how I have survived this long without him. I have so many different thoughts and emotions. Thanks!
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I didnt mean to bring back all those feelings. But there are just days when I feel nobody understands me and I cant talk to my family about it because they are in pain too. And I have a great support system but they havent experienced the loss of a sibling so they really dont know how i feel at all. And i know their hearts break for me. I just want to put my story out there to see if someone other then me can understand how I feel and what i go through. And from what I have read theres hundreds like yourself who understand. My brother was 18 when he was killed a horrible accident. This has changed me in ways i never could imagine. I am not the person I was 9 years ago. I just hope in some ways it has changed me in somewhat of a positive way. I do know I will die with my heart broken because i know the day i buried him my heart broke!

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my brother passed away 13 years ago, he was 15 and i was 19, after reading your post, the memories came flooding back. my heart goes out to you b/c i too feel what you feel. not a day goes by that i don't think of him, and how his life could be right now if he were here. my family has never recovered from his death and everyday still feels like yesterday. <br />
know that i am thinking of you.