Just Miss You Bro!

Our youngest brother just died last 13th July 2012, actually t'was friday the 13th. He died at the age of 19 from a motor accident. What hurts me the most was that I didn't spent much time for him coz I am working overseas, I had to finance his studies. Everything blew up when I heard the news that he passed away. I didn't knew what to do that time, my heart is just tearing apart. It was a hard and difficult adjustment for my family especially my father. He's goin' crazy and we pity him so much. It's turning 4 months now but the pain is just there. I could'nt help but cry everytime i think of him. The question still remain, why him? I just want an answer to ease the pain.. ;(
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2 Responses Nov 3, 2012

I feel for you. I lost my brother on 29th Aug 2012. Its only been a few months since his passing also, and me and my family are torn apart as it was so un-expected. At the time i heard i was also working away, and that phone call with haunt me for the rest of my days .

I have up and down days, anger/sadness/guilt, constantly asking 'why him'.. this is part and parcel of the grieving process. All i can say is take each day at a time, we both are still in the early days of the process to regain some sort of 'normal life' ....my thoughts are with you.

we just have to move on..life doesn't stop there. We know that wherever he is now, he must be happy. He chose to leave us because God has better plans for him. Who knows he might be with us again.