"I Lost My Brother"

I can't believe I have not shared this story yet. It is painful for me to talk about so until I saw this group I had debated on whether or not to share my story. My younger brother died June 11, 2000. He was only 23 yrs old at the time of his death. We were very close and I thought I knew most of his secrets. Well almost all of them. I was at home when a call came in from my mom. She told me to sit down because she had some very bad news. I said what is it? She told me my brother had stayed the weekend with a friend and his friend had found him dead that morning in his bed. I asked why what happened? My mom told me he had overdosed on heroin! I could not believe this! My brother used to freak at getting blood drawn! I knew he smoked pot but I had no idea he was into anything heavy like heroin! I became physically ill when my mother finished telling me. It was like a very bad dream! I still can't believe to this day that he is gone forever! I really miss him!
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I lost my brother and he is still alive. I lost him to life imprisonment. I am older and he is getting there. He did not hurt anyone or get anything but commited a serious crime and will probably get life. I hurt when I go to bed and hurt when I get up in the morning. I cannot move on with this pain. Death is at least final but to see someone you love suffer when they are alive for the rest of your life is a living death.

hi, I'm so sorry about your loss. Im a 17 year old girl and I lost my big brother at the age of 27 in jan 2012 due to overdose. they always seem to stuff his autopsy up and it's different each time we get it. my brother was addicted to prescription drugs and most probably street ones but we never knew that. he had a partner and two beautiful girls, 3 weeks after my brother died his partner found out she was pregnant , he left us with another little girl. ever since my brother died I notice nearly every death and I look into other peoples losses,but before he died I never noticed... I was really close with my brother,he was the funnest, he lived live and he was always making me laugh and have fun! I saw y brother a few days before he died and he was laughing and smiling with me ,it's just strange seeing them laughing and then a few days later getting a phone call that they are gone. It's weird not having him stomping into the house yelling out my name:( its really hard but then some days it feels like its not true and I just imagine him at home. I hate when people say " he's always looking down on you" because truth be told, he isn't, he's gone. he did leave me with one thing, I have his personality and my beautiful neices. I'm sorry to hear about all of your loss. I do know what it feels like and it makes me think why are the bad people out there still alive but my brother had to die? I feel better talking about it. Thank you

I lost my 22 year old brother two weeks ago today to heroin, we knew he was smoking crack but not heroin! We are all as a family completely broken. The pain is unbearable, we were so close although things were hard in recent years. Please help me...

My oldest brother was murdered at eighteen I know the sorrow your feeling.

I am so sorry for your loss. I also lost my brother to drugs, he was 18. Also, like you, I was unsure whether to do a post. I dont know if you're like me and bottle it all up, but I do find it easier to put how i feel in writing as apposed to speaking out loud about it. It hurts to say my brothers name out loud. Sending you a hug x

my brother died in a 3-wheeled atv accident when he was 16 years old he was learning how to ride at the time. Everyone thought he was in school that day so it was a complete shock when the cops showed up to the house.. It was 9 days after my birthday. I still am not over it and it happened over 8 years ago. He was my best friend in the world. Im sorry for everyone elses loss I know how hard it is. Espically on special days that mean so much and other people just dont understand it feels like your alone sometimes. at least for me it does.

i forgot to add that your brother died exactly 2 months after mine, your brother passed on my birthday.. ive never celebrated a birthday since my brother passed, it was to close to my birthday.

Much Respect to you and your family. I also lost a brother, he was on drugs and was trying to get out of that scene when he died. He use to always tell my mum he was getting clean, but he always gave into temptation, the last time we saw him he told our mum he was clean, she laughed at him... she didnt believe him at all, when his autopsy came back he didnt even have pot in his system, that eats mum up everday that she didnt believe him. Some people think that because certain people took drugs than they deserve to die, i been told this about my own brother, Junkies and drug addicts normally resort to drugs from pain they are hiding, they are still brothers and sons and fathers, my brother was raped while he was in jail for a petty crime, we found this out after he was already an addict.. <br />
I wont say that i know your pain, coz i hate people saying it to me, although i do know what you are going through.. take care of your self..<br />
try to celebrate his life, instead of mourn his death, it sometimes helps me.

I'm so sorry to hear that you've had to experience heroin, in such a way.*hug*

I lost a brother too in 1999 to a car accident. Sudden loss is the worst kind. You never get to say goodbye. I know what you mean about it feeling like a bad dream. I was awakened by my parents and the county police were in my house at 5 am. It was the worst wake-up of my life and I felt unable to comprehend what happened. Let me know if you ever want to talk.