Never Had a Chance to Start Living

My brother was 15 when he lost his life. He had been in trouble for a while and it seemed like his family didn't want him. (we had different mothers) He came home one day and our dad took the time to paint his bike for him. It was Wed. night and he wanted to ride it to church to show everyone his bright orange bike. He was so proud of. Well, he didn't make it past the property line. He was hit by a drunk driver. A family friend at that. When the drivers truck finally stopped it was turned over in a neighbors yard and he was swearing that he hit a trash can. My dad and step mother found my brother. He died instantly. They hit him so hard they split him in half at the waist. Sorry to give so much info. He was only 15. Never had the chance to go to prom, fall in love, anything. I think about him all the time. He would be 22 right now. I wonder what he would be doing. One other thing I hate is that the driver got a year in jail. It was his third offence. He ran over his daughter and pulled over one more time and just got a warning. See how our justice system works.
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so sorry, yea they need to put that guy in jail for life, how many lives will he be able to hurt? Lost my brother at 21, it's something that stays with you alway. My brother was comming home from work at 3 am. and a husband and wife were fighting and she let his favorite horse out... well my brother hit the horse and killed them both. hope she has been living with the results of her anger.