I Lost My Brother In the Year of 2004

I lost my brother in the year of 04 and i have never been the same.. three months befor this god showd me a vision of him in a coffen and i begain to cry out please god please give him a chance to get his life together..after this i was always on the edge,, just waiting, not knowing when his time was up... i felt to tell my family about what god had showd me and i did... some thought that i was crazy... i told them just in cause thay wanted to make things right with him... 3 months later we went to church and all day i felt such emtyness inside as if it was going to be the day.. as church started my brother-n-law came to the church and steped inside i heard the door open and turned to look,, i knew by the look upon his face there was somthing wrong... he told us to come out side as we did, he told us that my brother had been killed in a car crash... my heart felt as it went to my feet... my sister that was with me that night she just turnd and lookd at me and then started yelling,,, no, no, no.... i tried to be strong for my family but inside felt as i just wanted to die...as i was trying to clam her down, god brought somthing back to my mind,,, (remember) what i show u? i showed u this in a vision,,, then peace over took me that night and i told my sister remember what god told me??? we have to stay srong for the rest of the family... she was on the edge of passing out. so her husband took her home and then it was like the reality set in,, we had to pass the site where my brother had crashed.. it took all that i had to hold myself together..all the cars in the road was stoped and then i knew that it was the place where he had recked... i just couldn't hold it together i broke down and started crying... i knew that god gave him chanch after chance but he woulndn't listen,,, i have to say that it has really took a toll on my life... i wasn't that close to him but i still love him and i sure do miss my brother.. i have other brothers but it seems since i lost him there a place in my heart that hasn't healed...i just hope that he knew that i loved him very much.. he was a joker, and he had a way of making people laugh just being his self... he had 2 boys and a wife left behinde some neice's and nephew's my girl loved him alot.. but there were two of them that really looked up to him.. and i know in my heart that i really has affacted them in so many way's... i just wish i had the chance to tell him that i loved him and i wish there was somthing that i could do to bring him back.. but there isn't a thing that i can.. he is gone now and i have to face the fact that god knows what's best...




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I just lost my brother a little over one month ago. I would like to talk to you sometime.. need support from those who know what I am going through. <br />
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I can say that I beleave that god gives us all in the world a chance to serve him, and i know with the wisdom and knowlege that he has given me that he did give him a chance to do so.... see god's word tell us to seek him in young life... I feel that he needed to repent be bapatized. he hated life he was so messed up with things of this world. and me pleading with god i guess was a way of saying please god give him a chance to serve you lord, but i beleave that he did give him chance to serve him....

This is such a rediculous loss!<br />
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Whether or not we believe that "God knows best", it seems like a waste of a lot of years of life. <br />
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You say that your brother was needed another chance and that you plead for another chance for him.<br />
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what did you think he needed to do or to know?<br />
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