I lost my brother almost 2 years ago, in May of 2007, three days before his 23rd birthday.

He was my father figure, my friend, my confidant, and my brother and i miss him so much it hurts like real physical pain still.  I can't bring myself to accept the fact that he's gone forever. That he will never show up at my front door or call me drunk at 2am on a Sunday night ever again.

I still cry just thinking that he's gone and for no good reason whatsoever. He was healthy and young, and full of potential. And now he is worm food.

I miss my brother.

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

It is sad that the pain we feel when someone leaves our life, Is in direct proportion to the amount of joy they brought when they were in our life. I can understand how you feel. My Grandparents raised me and I lost both of them and my son, my favorite aunt my best friend , and the lady I was going to marry all within a year. It takes time for the pain to ease. I believe that as long as you remember him he is not dead. I hope you find the peace and understanding you seek.

I am sorry to hear about your brother, but always remember the good times that you have shared and smile when you think of the bad! I wish you peace!