It was 1st March this year when the police came to my door. I'd been out the night before with my friends, and we'd barely escaped being mugged - I thought the police were there for that. They asked to see me and then told me the news: "we found a body and we think it's your brother's". Everything was so blurred after that. My Mum screaming, telling my younger brothers, going into College the next day like nothing had happened and bursting into tears and soon as the first person asked me how my weekend went. My brother had died. He'd died of a brain aneurism in his flat. The funeral was so hard, I hated seeing everyone cry and it still felt so unreal to me. I still expect to see him walk through the door, I still see him in my dreams. I wish I had him back. I still cry all the time - I don't think this pain ever goes away.
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I lost my brother 3 years ago on September 6th. He was hit head on by a drunk driver. The pain never goes away it never feels real. It just gets easier to bear over time. I there are still days when I expect him to randomly stop by my moms when we are having a cook out. And the holidays are hard especially since he was born Dec 20.
For months I had dreams and nightmares of him laying in the hospital all swollen cut up and broken pail and just gone. If you ever wanna talk you can message me.