I went out biking with my brother 4 years ago on August 30th 2010. The brakes on his bike didn't work and I saw him go airborne and land on the cement head first. I lose memories of him but that one day will not leave my head. I remember oy detail for detail. It hasn't gotten any better since then and I guess I just wanted to get this story off of my chest. I didn't get to tell him goodbye or I love him that day. The last couple of things I said was how annoying it was for him to come with.
I still remember how cold his skin was in that hospital bed. Then how quickly time went by till his funeral. Seeing him lay there was as am older brother I wondered how this could happen. I was supposed to protect him.
I guess I just needed to let it out for once instead of hold it in.
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I'm sorry for your brother, there are times when we blame ourselves for things we didn't do, you didn't mean to let him die, this isn't your fault, stop blaming yourself.