Hey, I lost my brother in April 2000, he was 26 and a half years old. His car breaks had been tampered with, he hit the breaks and only one side came on, causing the car to go out of control, he went into oncoming traffic on a main highway and collided with a fuel tanker. Its been over 7 years and i will never accept it, he was such a great son brother uncle and father. I miss him alot, damn im in tears just writting this. I tried to commit suiced a few times after he passed, i was 14 and i couldnt deal with it, i guess i still havent, i got into trouble, sliced my arms, drank, done drugs, and all of it was just trying to stop the pain, but ive learned it will never go away. 

It just sucks that killers and pedophiles get to live, while younge decent people die, life sucks.

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thanks, much respect to you and your family and friends also.

Life seems to be unjust when you see how good people die and bad people live on. I have to believe in Karma to go on with life. It helps to think that justice will be done at some point, you'll just never know how or why. I lost a brother in 1999 to a car accident also. Sudden death is the worst cause you never get to say goodbye. My heart goes out to you. Take care :-)