My Brother, My Best Friend

February 3rd 2007 my Oldest brother Israel passed away. He was my Best friend. My Brother lived with me on and off for 12 years. He was an addict.  He would recover move out and relapse and move back in, When i gave birth to my son in 1999 I had to work 2 jobs to make ends meat( being a single mom of 4 at that time) so he was doing well and he took care of my son, he was the best, He would take such good care of my kids , they loved him. 7 years ago i got remarried and relocated, my brother was in rehab when i relocated, when he got out he moved in with my family, after a few months he got himself a great job and a cute apartment. He relapsed again this time using alcohol and self medicating on pills. My brother suffered alot in his life. When he passed i was so depressed, until one day i woke up reliefed like if he was still alive and i was happy, I relized he was in a much better place and he was alive , he was alive in memory and in my heart, i will never stop loving him. He was such a great brother. I love you Izzy!

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You R So Right, He is in a better place. Obviously there was something in his life that kept taking him back again and again to addiction. I lived and loved an addict for 7 years. His drug of choice was herion. I did not even know until he overdosed and I found him on the floor with a needle sticking out of his arm. I was devestated and my first reaction was to leave him and I did for about 6 months but I went back.<br />
He would do the same, get clean and then fall off the wagon and go back to using. It was such a yo yo lifestyle. I never did understand how he could keep doing it to himself. Finally after 7 years i gave him a choice and he chose the drugs. I left and although I loved him until the day he died, if I would have stayed it would have killed me.<br />
<br />
He died from complications from hep from using dirty needles. The saddest part was he had 10 years clean when his drug use killed him<br />
I miss him everyday and it is just sad that you know what they can be, but addiction will not let them<br />
I will pray for your brothers soul tonight when I pray for John. Your brother was lucky to have you as everyone needs someone to love them, even addicts and I really think they need it more

Right, i lost my mom to cancer, i cry for her but at least shes in a better place and not hurting. I had to quit being selfish and tell her to let go dont suffer