R.I.P. "The Life and Death of Orlando Mathews"

  • i lost my brother all because he was a generous  person to the world  he was about to have a wonderful life he was only 18yrs old at the time he where killed by a cop for know resend ask minding he's on. but he where a person that where like family to marianna,arkansas he was a child of barry larry sr he was knowed as a young nice boy he was the only brother we had to care about any of his other brothers and sisters he use to guide us show us the right way he was very protective about his brothers,sister and child.....                                                                                2.he was killed on fathers day on a sunday of 2006 he was 1 of the 1 that had a chance in the navy he had24hr left to leave to go there but he had been killed by a police officer from marianna,ark that dont care if he take u out our not but there will be try out in court soon.  ''There is more to this here it carry on to the end chapter of R.I.P OF ORLANDO MATHEWS...          ''BUT I SAY HE IS IN A BETER PLACE NOW WHERE U GIT YOUR BLESSING FROM''  
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    I forgot to "aclarar" something (i dont know how do tou say that word in english).<br />
    I am not saying that you have to love that cop, and you have to give him to justice, what i mean is that you have to reach a moment when he gets out of your head, and you remember the good moments shared with your brother and eliminate the bad anger from you.

    I lost my brother two years ago, because of suicide.<br />
    One thing that has been important to me is learn how to forgive, anger doesn´t make you feel better.<br />
    I am not anger with his girlfriend who abandoned him and mede him so sad that he took that horrible decition, or the bad shrink who didn´t noted how bad he was.<br />
    I think you must forget about that idiot cop, because that will make you feel worst, i know that what i said is really really hard, but if you do it you will feel a lot of peace inside you.<br />
    Other think i want to say is that we have to rememer that a lot of times cops act like real jerks, and make horrible things , but remember that you should think in good cops too, those who are worried for people´s security.<br />
    Good luck to you and all your family.