He Is Still Alive But .......

I love my brother with all my heart but I lost the closeness we used to have.  Our lives are different.  He is very symbiotic with wife who is not interested in hanging with me.  I wish things were different.  I settle for the crumbs I get and thank God for those.  Others died...my sister, my mother, and my father.  My brother is the only one left in our immediate family and neither of us have had children.  I have always been single, which did not bother me as long as I had my mother and my cats.  My mother was my best friend in her later years.  I became severely alergic to my cats with severe asthma and had to give them away.  I have crying spells when I miss Mom and Cats.  Nancy

Nancy4025 Nancy4025
56-60, F
Mar 22, 2010