Oliver R.i.p. =/

Like, I had never wanted him to be an outdoors cat, for the fear of him running away or getting eaten by coyotes. Like, every time he came back, and there was no way to stop my parents from letting him outside..which i hated them doing!!!!
One day like...almost 2 years ago now, it was maybe a week before school started so sometime in august, I came home, and usually he's not there when i get home so I thought it was okay, I figured he was gonna come back.
He never came back that day....I waited and he NEVER did!!! :'[
I had a stocking for him to put his gift in *laser light*. The stocking said "I <3 my cat"
I never got to give it to him, i had it saved away for christmas time already!!!
I feel.....so bad too, cuz like, I never really got to spend time with him, he only slept in my room some times, and would come cuddle with me a few times too. I just so wish I had him back...he was one of the best, funniest, lively cats!!! MY FIRST cat, I had only had him almost 2 years. Now he's gone :'[ so...R.I.P. oliver...I hope though...that you are still alive out there somewhere....trying to find your way back home.
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Yeah, curiousity killed the cat, whats with the whole 9 lives stuff anyways...I just wish I had him back..