Retrieval Gone Bitter

My sister lost her cellphone and the one who found it wanted to return it to us. We were very grateful until one glitch.

They wanted to meet in a particular mall. It was no biggie to us but our parents raised hell and demanded we don't go there. It is located at a busy city section, the kind where there are lot of second-hand and relatively cheap goods. But the mall is different. It houses big-time shops. Heck, it has Starbucks in it.

Anyway, we have never seen the mall and our parents feels it is for our safety that we don't proceed.

I tried negotiating for a change of place but the finder never budged. As a matter of fact, the finder said since we are the ones "in need", we should be the one who should be "adjusting" to them. Since they want to meet in that particular mall, we should move heaven and earth to make it to the place.

We let go of the phone then and there. It is true we are the ones "in need" and we are grateful for their efforts to find the owner of the phone, but we can't compromise our safety.

I don't know what happened on their end.
mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 13, 2013