I met this girl at my school, who was different. She was really pretty but she was also very smart... she liked to read and was a trapeze artist. Sometimes I talked to her but it never went really far, but the other day, we got to talk and turned out we had the same taste in music, so I lent her my iPod and we talked about music for a while, and she told me she had lost her earbuds and I told her I recently bought ones but I wasn't going to use them, so I told her I could sell it to her (technically gift, because it was a very small price, but I didn't want to end like the idiot who gives free stuff) so I gave them to her, but she hasn't payed me yet. Yesterday I heard a rumour that she had sex with some guy at a party and I thought, she isn't like that, she isn't a ****, she is a smart girl, but now I think it might be true. I feel sick about it, because I care about people and I reserve a place for them in my thoughts but they don't care about me and just think about themselves, I feel sick about people because they are all ungrateful perverts... I don't have sex with a girl even if she tells me too, I'm too young for that, I'm just looking for a good friend or maybe a girlfriend, but I'm not a pervert. I hate those guys that just have sex with a girl and she is fine about it.
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That really sucks. Unfortunately, most teens these days think with their sex organs. Anywho, I admire your personality, and perhaps someday another girl will, as well.