In August 1987 it was a bright and shinny day.  But my child could not go outside, because her legs hurt her so bad.  We took her to the hospital, and the doctor said that she was o.k. she just have been running too much, and her legs need rest. She rest  and rest, but her legs didn't get any better. So we took her back to the hospital. This time we made them check her throughly.  It took one good doctor to see that there was a problem.  That there was a reason why her legs hurt so bad.  My baby had Osteosarcoma, cancer of the bones. This decease spread though her body really quick.  It caused her alot of pain. I didn't get enough time with my baby. I couldn't stop it from taking her. No matter what I had the doctor to try.  It took my baby at the age of 14 yrs. old. January 10, 1988. Five Months is all we had. I wished I had spent that time making her happy, instead of being in the hospital. It's nothing worst then loosing a child. Mothers walk though the shadow of death when we have children.  Then a big, big part of us go with them when they die before us. I Love  My daughter as if I just had her yesterday for the first time.




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I just lost my son Eyal to rhabdomyosarcoma. from the day he went to the doctor with stomach pains untill he died it was 5 1/2 weeks. He was 24. I was with him in the hospital all that time but I can't believe how little time he had (he was already advanced stage 4). He had been perfectly healthy all his life until thi. It just hurts too much to breathe knowing that he can't anymore. I am too sad to function well and I don''t even want to, just to go back to the time I was with him in the hosital and we were waiting for the 1 chemo treatment he received to take effect. It didn't. How could he die so fast? Why should I want to "be strong" and live with this pain? I am so tired of life, of pretending to care about anything anymore. Did any of you lose a child so fast and so violently (his tumor was metastisized and virulent - his stomach looked angry from the outside and he was in incredible pain though he suffered in silence and they pumped him full of morphine, did what they could).

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. You didn't mention her name. I used to hate it when people would say sorry for your loss. Well, my daughter had a name and I wished that they'd use it. <br />
<br />
How are you doing now? We're coming up to three years next Feb 2011 and its still really difficult. Christmas is the worst.

I just wanted to say that im so sorry for your loss! Just know that she is smiling down from heaven and that is the most important thing. Now she doesn't have to suffer physically or be a part of this evil and crazy world.

I'm so sorry for your loss