Very Regretful

i had to experience this twice, and what's so messed up is, i did not neglect or abuse my kids. my first experience was during the time i was in prison back in 2000. my son was born in prison, i had a year left of my time, and because my dad and sister said no they could not care for him, child protective services came and got him.

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My child was taken from me when she was 5 years old. Next month, she will be 19, and it seems she dosen't want anything to do with me- Her "Mother" talks bad about me, along with my ex- husband's family. Know I know why I didn't want to marry him 23 years ago. I really wish I didn't. Im sorry you're going through this, but, just to let you know, I've been through it, too. The best of luck to you.

I'm sorry for your loss. But you would be able to get in contact when they are an adult. Child protection takes children away because their parents are not able to support the children, so i know that child protection can be seen as an enemy, but it is of the best interests of your child.

im so sorry that happened to you and to your children too. do you have any kind of visitation with them at all? i sure hope so i was not a bad mother either but i lost my son and he was adopted out on me when he was 5 years old so i can feel your losses, im just waiting til my sons 18 and i can hopefully find him then