Over 6 Months Without My Boys...

Long story short... Ex and I shared custody of our 2 boys every other week. One night ex beat up his girlfriend and I had to pick up the kids while he went to jail. I filed for full custody. Ex and girlfriend reconciled and girlfriend decided to ruin my life because I had the gall to do such a thing as take children from the father. (It wasn't even like that.) Ex and girlfriend told multiple lies in court and after I could no longer afford an attorney he won full custody. I told the judge he would alienate the kids from me. Judge didn't care. Last Thanksgiving ex told me I would NOT have the boys for Thanksgiving even though the parenting plan said I would. I took him back to court. Judge sided with him. (WTF?!?!?) I saw the kids for 24 hours the day after Thanksgiving. Haven't seen them since. Now they don't want to have anything to do with me. I've been told that if I attempt to contact them too many times they will file a restraining order against me.

Parental alienation sucks. I miss my kids.
devonanne devonanne
1 Response Jul 7, 2011

Your story breaks my heart. I am so sorry about what has happened. My daughter is current,y building her case for full custody but she is up against a man who is native (they have all the rights when the story gets pathetic), and he has a very very coniving mother who has gone so far as to cash social security checks of her dead mother.<br />
They have lied in court repeatedly, they have called child family services on her because of false allegations.<br />
It is our worst nightmare as well that she may loose her kids.<br />
They live in a hovel, they live with a woman who posts their pictures all over the net and refuses to get permission from my daughter the mother to do so. She gushes over these children more than her own. It is a tragedy.<br />
If you feel the need to vent feel free to drop me a line.<br />