My Girl!

shes gone ! i came to this town eight years ago after being in my home town for thirty years, my daughter was then 2.5 years old , it got really hard i could not cope she went to live with dad and grandparents they all live close to each other, slowly but surely they stopped me seeing her i ended up having to have contact at a contact centre with her they did not let me see her any other way. slowly but surely they have excluded me from her life, in all honesty its killed me i am dead inside , the pain the heartache of not being an active mother to her and not being able to see her is debilitating. i love her , i love her , i love her but i cannot fight them anymore.........its been four years since i saw her and my last memory was of her blowing me a kiss as she was driven of in a car....
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you can try HelloSpy to follow her, to close her more

hi usakindatheart that is what i intend to do ! bless you! xxx

uh.. get an education, which will get you a better paying job and get a VERY MEAN attorney<br />
that's what you do!!

Hi, why you don't move to the same town she is, go to court, and try to get visitation and custody. Have they turned her against you. I'm going thru the same thing but fighting it.

Why the hell dont any more people than this even CARE?? WHY!?? I just dont get it at all~~ The court system wont help you, and you pay thousands to get a divorce decree and a child visitation SCHEDULE, for what?? to turn around and have to pay another attorney again and again and again and every time you go to the cops they more of less sneer in your face!! Its unbelievable! THen you go to the courthouse and they tell yu to "get an attorney! WHAT THE HELL FOR!~??? I got an attorney SEVEN TIMES!!! I AM SO DAMN broke and yet they say "get an attorney? AGAIN? I say , I need a form to file. "we dont have any" WHAT?? I argue for 1 and 1/2 hours that they do..they say nope. Been here 14 years and have never had any forms. WHAT THE HELL??? I mean really? Then how do you file contempt on him? This is bullship!

So sorry for everything you and your daughter have been through. If you get a second, check out our webiste at I'm confident we have resources (specifically support groups) and information that can help you.<br />
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There seems to be a lot of posts within the Experience Forum from alienated parents. Can I suggest you start responding to each other's posts? One of the common experiences that every alienated parents goes through is the feeling that he or she is the only person to experience this heartbreak. There are countless alienated parents going through the same thing. By responding to each other's posts everyone can provide each other with empathy, support and suggestions. I'm sure you'll find the experience useful.<br />
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Good luck...<br />
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