Hurting And Confused

I left my ex-husband in 2006 because he was controlling and tried to kill himself when I finally told him I was leaving. I was in Arizona with no family or friends... All I had was my two children. The night he tried to kill himself was my opportunity to take my children and leave. Then the fought began.... I took my children and left Arizona to come back to my home state of Louisiana. In December 2006 the Arizona courts gave my ex-husband a court order to come and get my babies. His parents and him came here and took my girls back to Arizona with them. I got lawyer after lawyer and court date after court date.... We have joint custody and they reside with him. I send notices like the court ordered paperwork says but everytime I would go out there to pick them up, he would be gone with them or refuse to give them to me. The police wouldn't do anything about it. Just tell me to file through the court and the next time I could get them. I call and call and no answer and no returned calls. I have tried to contact him through Facebook, email, phone, written letters, and nothing. He blocks me on facebook and won't respond to anything. The kicker is my oldest daughter isn't biologically his. I have the DNA test to prove it and the court saw the DNA test and still did nothing. I was pregnant with her when him and I got into a relationship. She is bi-racial and doesn't have a clue. Him and his parents told her she was darker than her sister because she drank so much chocolate milk. My babies are 7 and 8 years old now and I haven't seen them in alittle more than two years. This is hurting so bad and I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I just don't know what else to do. This is just a quick run down on my story. Any advice would be great!
Heartbroken2006 Heartbroken2006
Sep 22, 2012