Alienation Hurts

I wanted to share this because I am hurting due to parental alienation. It's the result of my story.

Living without my children with me is not living at all. An evil man took them from me and he turned them against me. They no longer wanted to be with me.

How does a mother continue to live without her children with her? God, please give me my babies back. I hurt so much.

They live fine without me. They don’t care to be with me. I am not living at all, I am dead.

Dead to them I might as well be, they don’t need me. I am not living at all without them, I am dead.

How do I keep trying to get them back when I know they don’t care.

Some say never stop trying, others say to move on. It is my own heart that is breaking, not theirs.

Maybe I should be happy that they are not sad. Maybe I’m being selfish for wanting them so bad.

But I am their mother who loved them even before they were born. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am so torn.
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you still follow your children by HelloSpy

I am in the same situation. Right now I am struggling whether or not to opt for chemo!radiation. .why do I want to prolong my life when everyday I a he for my girls? I used to think there is nothing in this world more painful than for a parent to out-live and lose their child(ten), but I was wrong. To lose your chikd(ten) while they are still alive is much more painful

Awe sorry to hear what you are going through. Its really hard when you love your child/ children and want to be in their life. You need to think about you also, remain strong and always have hope. I am on facebook trying to raise awareness please feel free to join.

Hiya sorry to hear your sad true story. Its terrible what Mother's and fathers have to go through to see their children. I have a support group on facebook. Feel free to join and help raise awareness

your feelings are exactly what I am feeling. I hurt so bad watching my kids suffer and living with the brainwashing. I often wish I were dead because I would be free of the pain. there is no pain worse than losing a child through being alienated and brainwashed. please share the path. this mess has been going on for 8 years and is getting worse. ljmk

feels like I wrote this. I feel dead too. Sometimes I wish I were so the pain would end. No one seems to care about the loss except me. Sometimes I turn on myself with stigmatizing hate - because I cant understand why he would hurt me like this unless I am horrible and cant see it. I was ok to be their mom for 19 yrs - and then divorce rendered me fired.

Im sorry you are hurt. I really really feel for you

Your children don't understand what they think they are feeling. They think it is there feelings but it is what they are hearing. My children were gone for five years. I stopped after three years and they filed a restraining order agains me and said they want nothing to do with me. Than in April 2010, one of those children called me and 4 months ago the other child contacted me. They are 19 years old today and yes its been over 3 years, but I never ever thought they would contact me. They was mean to me and there other siblings and my side of the family, but today my heart is whole again. I never knew how numb I was until the day I got the call from my son. Now listent to this. Because both of the children are talking to me their father has disowned them. He says I abandoned them when thats such a lie. He said he was the good parent , but if he such a good parent he would love his children uncondionally and let them have both parents. We even contacted the Dr. Phill show and their father refused to talk to the Dr. Phil staff. He manupulated, controlled, and emotionally abused my children. I didn't know what to do because they said they didn't want part of my life like your children say. I had to go forward and take it, but today I have my children and its like we were never apart.

My story EXACTLY. Listen to me because I know. YOU, you are not dead and don't you ever say that. YOU are AS IMPORTANT as your children. You are a magnificent life. There was your life before they were born. Do you not matter as much? Of course you do. Please learn to honor yourself like you do your children. You were a child once too. My prayers.

Going through the same. People can turn on a mother. Hurt them. Abuse and cut them out. I am sorry all of us in this mess feel this way. I am so sorry

i feel same way losing only the oldest daughter

I do not have any answers but certainly understand your pain.