I Haven't Seen My Son For 2 Years... Apparently He Doesn't Want To See Me... Is Only 9!!

I've not seen my son in 2 years. The UK legal system is a joke. He lives with his dad and paternal grandparents over 3 hours away, and they have been allowed to poison his mind. Apparently he has been telling his father that he doesn't want to see me (yet there was no evidence of this in the official report prepared for the court, in fact he said he did not mind seeing me if we did more of 'his thing' which is fair enough).

They (paternal family) have actually told him I don't want him (and this was noted in a CAFCASS section 7 report). How is this allowed to happen in this day and age. I have been to court several times, even had a contact order, but his dad never made him available for contact, he wouldn't even send me an recent photo of my son, he had to be ordered by the court to send me a photo!!

I still have parental responsibility yet I am never informed when they take him out of the country. I didn't even know what school he was going to until Aug last year. His dad also told the school there was a court order in place banning me from attending the school and that I wasn't allowed to see my son. That isn't true at all!!

Oooo and his dad is training to be a social worker!!!!!!!

WTF... What can I do????? He is being totally cut off from one half of his family...
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you should use HelloSpy to follow him and know how to make him back

I am in your same situation. I have a daughter who is 15 now... was 8 when the alienation began. I haven't talked to her in 7 years and my heart is breaking.