I Don't Know What To Do

I was married for 15 years to my wife who became ill and met a younger woman. My wife regained her health. In the meantime the other woman did everything she could to break my wife an i up, including contacting her and my children and publicly humiliating them. Eventually i moved in with the other woman. For a year I kept contact with my family and my girlfriend continued to use underhand tactics to cause problems. My wife and children finally came to the decision that they would not stay connected to this woman in any way and so long as i was with her would not be connected to me. I love my wife and children and the other woman who is fun. I have to choose to either stay with her and lose my family or go back to my family. I know it is her fault this situation arose because of the things she did and my children mean more to me than anything so why am i so weak? Will I regret a decision to stay with her once my children are gone? Will I resent her for the things she has done which have caused my family to refuse to have any contact with her or me if i am with her? Will she lose interest once my family alienate me? Will my children suffer?I don't know what I will do but I think whatever it is I will regret it one day.
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dont worry, you can be a great dad by undestanding your children more by HelloSpy

Your children can never be replaced! It doesn't seem to me that the new woman is worth losing your family over. If she is underhanded and mean-spirited like this, it will just be a matter of time before things will be over. No one wants to be with a manipulator like that! Do whatever it takes to be with your kids...it WILL damage them. Parental Alienation is not in play here if you abandoned your kids...that is something completely different!!
I hope you will find the right path.