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Sundaysara Sundaysara
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I am about to lose my children to an alienator. The judge gave a pre-trial recommendation that gave him ultimate decision making aurhority and residential custody because I am unstable. She said that living with my boyfriend for 2 years, moving into his house in another town and not having a full time job made my ex the better choice. I moved into my boyfriend's house because I had to sell mine to pay my attorney to defend the crazy motions my ex kept filing. I finally almost found a job but they chose someone else who didn't need a lot of time off for litigation. I need to file for bankruptcy so my attorney advised me not to get married until that was over. Now my attorney doesn't want to fight because I can't pay any more. Meanwhile my children's therapist says if he gets custody I may as well have 2 new babies because he will never let my children have a relationship with me. Help!!!