Never Forget

"That was my normal Saturday night," is all I could think for months after Valerie was killed.

My 23 year old cousin lost her life to a drunk driver about a year ago.  The worst part is that all my friends do the exact same thing she did that night.  I couldn't understand why this had to happen to her and not me.  She had two small children, a boyfriend, and a great family.  She had so much to to do in her life. 

She went out to a bar with two friends and after a few drinks, they all got in the car to go to the diner.  The driver fell asleep at the wheel, legally drunk, and slammed into a tree.  She didn't do anything crazy or different than our normal activities.  This story goes to show that "normal" drinking and driving kills.  It is not just those nights were you are blacking out drunk or taking shots. 

You have your life in your hands EVERY time you drink and drive.
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4 Responses Mar 16, 2006

My cousin and her b/f were both killed by a drunk driver, she was 16 he was 18 the drunk was 17. Twenty four years later I remember that phone call like it was last week. I am 5 months older than her, and often wonder what she would be like today.

I'm sorry about your cousin. I lost my cousin to a drunk driver too. It's devestating for my uncle. I don't think he'll ever get over it. All we can do is keep living our lives, that's what he would have wanted.

A reason to designate a driver, or take a cab. The options are there, so sorry for your loss, Take care. thinking of you .

my cousin is a parapelegic bc of a drunk driver, their life is a living nightmare now and he wishes he was dead. He is now in an institution bc he keeps trying to kill himself. Its like he's dead but worse.