My Best Friend

It use to be that I couldn't wait to see you to hear your voice to see your pics, to read your new posts. Everything about you drove me wild made my heart beat faster. Thought it was a heart attack at first. lol

But it was all a one sided facination hehe or crush you might say. lol

And now I feel so much more relaxed with you and worry about you probrably more the i should, we have become the best of friends we sincerely care for each other. We get into each others business in a way that maybe we shouldn't. lol

I am so happy about the frienship that you and I have come to form, it's like a brother and sister relationship which i'm enjoying very much. I just can't fantasise about seeing you naked anymore,lol  I believe in some states it might be a crime. hehe

I just want you to know that I am here for you if you ever need anything from me, I want you to know that you can come to me and that I will be here for you no matter what.

Sincerely your best friend



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i can't help myself Sara, hurry with that dam tape measure. lol

And you, ptman, STOP moving up and down.... we want to make this last.....

OMG!!!<br />
<br />
I think I may have to measure and weigh that package.....<br />
<br />
Say Pix... hand me the tape measure and scale, will you? I don't want this boy to loose his ... ummmm... "interest" before we get the numbers, so I think I may have to just.... just... um.... umm.... put this stiffy in a "safe" place. Yeah, that's all I'm doing... making sure this is kept nice and wet and warm....<br />
<br />
OMG!!! Hurry up with the tape measure, will you girl???? I feel ready to bust!!!

lol i knew she couldn't resist Pix. <br />
<br />
talk to you later.

LOL SARA!!!!!!!!! I knew that was coming!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

you couldn't rsist could you Sara. lol<br />
<br />
Pix just don't stand there staring girl. where are your manners. lol

Ummmm.... where's that camera... I think we'll have to back up to get a good shot of that stiffy....<br />
<br />
and that....<br />
<br />
(here it comes....)<br />
<br />
(I couldn't resist....)<br />
<br />
(You know what I'm gunna say...)<br />
<br />
and that....<br />
<br />
that....<br />
<br />
<br />
{{{{{{{SCROTUM}}}}}}}<br />
<br />
of his!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Well, HOT damn! I leave to go take a ...nap,and I'm missing out! Ummmmm...let's see,most people already know how I like pink that..check, grabbed my 4 fuzzy cuffs for the bedposts...check....and some astroglide...check. <br />
<br />
Throwing on my black panties..what's the point?? And I will be there in 5!!

Just look? Pix frowns :-(

yea you can look girl, uh hmm lol

Wow!! Now I know why they call him Pt man...<br />
<br />
Penis Tremendous!!!!!! :-D

dam Sara you got all the way to the BONE. hehe<br />
<br />
and yes Pix that combination of flavors have me drooling. lol

Here, just use my panties... he already got them wet. Just wipe slowly.....<br />
<br />
OK! Pants are cut off..... underpants are cut off! <br />
<br />
Oh, MY!!!!!<br />
<br />
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{BOING}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}<br />
<br />
LOOK AT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ptman's drooling!!! LOL!!! :-) Does someone have a napkim?

sounds very delicious, o my what a combo of delight. mmm

mmm sounds delish...wouldnt you agree PT?

Lydia I 'm German... so you and I together make German Chocolate.... yummy! ;-)

you do taste like chocolate Sara or am i under hynosis? lol scissors no need for scissors. becareful with those things. whoooo. close one. lol some right here in my bag :)

No German Chocolate yet, pt ,,, you'll have to be satisfied with what you were eating when I was sitting on your face!!!! (Blush!)<br />
<br />
Now... we have to get these stupid pants offa him if we're gunna paint his little man.... anyone got scissors????

I'm chocolate....cant help you with the german part though. lol

*giggle* I'll run and get some! :-) Don't do anything fun while I'm gone!! I don't want to miss out!

where's the german chocolate Pix? you know how i love to lick on german choclate. lol

Yes!!! Paint his dinky pinky! ;-)

you don't know how happy that makes me TEP. lol

So, shall we paint ONLY his toe nails pink? Or maybe.... the Tip of Something "ELSE"???? HEH HEH HEH

pink icicng mmm no german chocolate icing. i just love german choclate. whatever it is TEP hurry.

you need help PT? let me look in my little bag. hhmmmm here's a pump, will that help?

WHEW! There... you got him to talk and that gave me a chance to get off.... OK!!!! (Now I am horny as all hell, though....)<br />
<br />
PT's all tied up... and oh, look at that darling shade of pink nail polish... his toes will look SO CUTE!!!!

definately we need a camera. i'm gonna need some help with you guys. there is no help for me. oh well i can handle it.

I think Sole ran away to get a camera and her famous pink icing LOL!!! :-)

woohooo now its a PaRRTTYYY! who's got the camera?

OOooo.... ahhhhh... hurry UP!.... He's quite the cunning linguist... and I should KNOW!! Ahhhhhh..... Oh, ptman!!!!!! OOOOO.....

Wow look like you are really enjoying that, I guess he's pretty good *wink*<br />
Tendereyes!!! I knew we could count on you! Pass the body paint dear...I see something that needs "painting" hehehe!!! ;-)

beautiful song josie, but you must excuse me i need to take advantage of Sara while she's still sitting on me. hehe.

Do you hear it in the background. A low slow old familiar song.<br />
<br />
An old Ella Fitzgerald song:<br />
<br />
Hmmmmm I've got a crush on someone. Guess who<br />
I've got a crush on you, sweetie pie<br />
<br />
<br />
Or it could be Frank Sinatra:<br />
<br />
Ive got a crush on you, sweetie pie<br />
All the day and night-time give me sigh

Here, I'll sit on him while you tie him Pix..... HEY! Hurry up with the rope, he's got his tongue out and you can guess what he's doing with it..... (Whooooo hoooooo! Guess I shouldn't have decided to sit on his face, huh?)

Dont Leave TEP....its rare that his majesty gets serviced like this. won't be a party without you!! Here help me with these ropes please...he's pretty wiggly! ;-)

TEP don't leave it is aprt of the harem party. this is part of the festivities. :)

your getting excited, open the windows.

oh i have a big bag of tricks! I'll jsut bring the whole thing. oh boy...i'm getting excited now!

throw a couple more in ther lydia just in case. hehe.

we're just gonna tie him to the bedposts, right Pix?...i brought a couple of the "blue pills" in case he gets tired. hehehe

I'm sure she'll know too.... *wink* Now quit struggling're not making this easy for me! Stay still!

you'll do fine, just sit and watch. i'm sure you will know when you need to jump in. lol

ROFLMAO @ the hangin! I was thinking the same thing for a minute! Uggg, I'm no good at that erotic stuff apparently! lol

dam Pix are you wanting to hang me? texas style? lol

Pix arrives holding a rope ;-) hehehe!! This should be fun!!!

so did I just move my ranking up? lmaoooo

emerald and lydia you guys are both right. you ladies are special. there are no other women in the world like the women in my harem. you are special. :)

Now Em...any TRUE member of PT's harem knows he is NOT like every other man. If he were, how could he maintain his hold on us? Afterall, we are not the avg. woman....which is what draws us to him :)

Awww, PT is like every other man... he's got a fickle pickle, and lubs all the ladies! ;) At least he's fun, and seems to take the "female abuse" in stride! lol. *grabs silk tie*

Lol!! Let's all race back to the Harem and tie him up! These are all of ptman's harem girls...right? Anyone who need to be initiated???....THAT could be fun too!...Mmmmmmm...

now Sara that is a wonderful idea, I need to be punished Sara. lol

LOL oh yea...that's the way to punish him, Sara!! lmaooo

Well, soleil has a point... but I think that anyone as fickle as pt needs to be called on it. He is a MANSLUT, Pix, and needs to be taught a lesson! Perhaps he needs to have all his women gang up on him, tie him up, and be made to watch US have fun.... while he can't do anything about it....

LOL well, since you were digging a whole anyway....i just thought I'd give you a bigger shovel! hehehe!

Awwwe..thanks pix! That was nice of you to say that about me!<br />
<br />
Ohhhhh...I don't think ptman is a manwhore at all,I think he has a crush on all women! And that just means he truly just loves women and really appreciates us all! I think its wonderful!

Pix now now write something meanigful. lol

Penguin....shhhhhhh hehehe!!! *wink*<br />
<br />
I think I'm going to write a new story girls, what do you think...<br />
<br />
I think Ptman is a manwhore LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

geez.. Pix.. and I thought I was the only one getting your pix>

Pix will always be my number one crush but there are many number twos. that's not a bad thing in a land of fatasises is it? EP lol your killing me Lydia. :)

I totally yield First Place to the Pix.... but hmmmmm.... after the Goddess, who next???

It would be very interesting to see how PT ranks all of his crushes! I'm sure Pix woudl be #1.<br />
but where do Sara, TX and myself fall?

are you saying that I'm a DOG tx? lol <br />
<br />
no way.

yes I am Sara, like the reveran said. Close the doors and close them quick. lol

And you are making it deeper and deeper.... (heh heh heh)

well Sara, I have a very big crush on you to. dam this is a big hole that i'm digging. lol

And your crush on me, ptman? Is that over now? I'm with txwoman here... just how many of us DO you have crushes on?????

well there is the one i have on you, whooooo that's a big one. and well for right now that is more then i can handle.

laughs how did you get in here? lol

yes, you know how i told you about her telling me about going to the doctor.

she is quite magical! :-)


Oohhhhhh...big sigh of relief....thought to myself....Mmmm,I must be doing something wrong majic isn't working???!

Soleilbay, you just don't know how big a crush I have on you. The galaxy can't hold my crush on you girl.

Ugh! This better not be about me!! I like thinking you have a crush on me PTMAN!

yes amy, friendships are great we just need to take care of them.

they can last a lifetime Pix and it is so much less pressure. lol

Yes amyma! Crushes come and go but friendship can last forever! :-)

alright, been waiting for those for sometime aug. 2009 lol

friendship is always good *

LOL!!!!!!! ;-) Ok...naked pictures coming up! *wink*

why would i want to send your pics back to you? I haven't lost my lust for you yet. lol<br />
so send me more. hehe

Ok, I want all the naked pictures I sent you back then so you won't be tempted to look at them LOL!!! :-)