About My Daddy

Last year on march 14 2008 my dad gave his battle up with alcoholism and left this world behind. I can still remember it like it was yesturday it was 7:45 to be exact we stayed at the hospital for approximately 9 days and 10 nights. The very first day my dad got flew out from browning hospital to greatfalls hospital at 8 in the morning 2 days after my birthday march 4th me and my family were sleeping and we heard a big loud knock on the door i hurried and got out of bed to answer it. I open the door and its my grandma char and she was in a big panic. I asked "Whats wrong grandma?" she said its your dad hes not doing so well and there flying him to greatfalls hes dying. All of the family jump up and get ready in a panic and we head to greatfalls from missoula. It was a difficult situation cause my mom and I were living in missoula montana with my aunt and my sister who is a year younger then i am was living with my uncle and the my little brother and sister were living with my grandpa and my grandpas wife my grandma was living in missoula with us. Any way on with the story. We drive as fast as we could to greatfalls and we get there at 11am. My mom and I run into the emergency room and they tell us where my dad is so we run up 2 the fourth floor. They tell us to wait in the waiting room and in there already is a couple of family members. My brothers and sisters werent there yet. Some lady took ahold of me and just held me and said i hope everything is alright. (a friend of my dads.) A little while later my 2 cousins and aunt show up mandy brittany and jen were all sitting around then my other grandma shows up then pretty soon its my whole family. We stay in the waiting room 4 hours without a word finally a nurse comes in and tells us that 3 people can go back in to the icu and see him. My mom, uncle and cousin go back and see him then they come back and tell us that 3 more people can go back my mom told my brother, sisters, and i not to go back that it would be to hard for us 2 handle. So no one else goes back in. About a hour later a nurse comes in and tell us that he went into cardiac arrest and the immediate family must go in the conference room i remember being just outside of my dads room and watching the doctors jump up on his bed and push on his chest to get a heart beat back. Then they come back in and tell us that his heart rate is back up and for the rest of the night he is ok and i finally got to go into the room and see my dad. For the next 9 days it seemed like he was gonna win his battle but on day 9th and 7:45 pm we couldnt go back in see him cause it was shift changing and no visitors aloud at that time. We were all in the waiting room and one of my dads close friend came running in and said his heart stopped. I threw everything in my hands in the air and start running up 2 the 4th floor but i forgot my mom and sister they were sleeping in this little room. We all start running up 2 the 4th floor. I couldnt handle it i ran half way there and turned around. I finally got enough courage to get closer to the room i was almost there and my best friend in the whole world came walking out of his room and she was sobbing and i was like is he gone and she said yes tedi hes gone. I finally walked all the way in the room and there lays my dad lifeless with tubes sticking out of his mouth and nose. Ih my dad was in acoma the whole time he was there and was put on a breathing tube. That the story of losing my dad and its almost the one year anniversary so im pretty sad anyway this is my story.

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Alcoholism is a horrible disease,for the suffering alcoholic,and in alot of cases worse still for people close to the person. im sure you did all u could for you,r dad , and he knew that. i watched my sister die from alcoholism,then my brother, and now i have finished with my alcoholic partner. alcoholics have a choice, to keep drinking or try to get sober, unfortunately not everyone can or will do it . please take care of ur self. ur dad is at peace now

oh im really sorry!