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 Why are doctors’, pharmacy’s and the public not educated on the negative side effects of prescription drugs? Why would any health professional prescribe Chantix to anyone with any form of mental illness? Here is why I ask - On September 15, 2008, I found my only child, age 32, dead in her bed. Danielle was totally disabled by mental illnesses for about 12 years. She had been diagnosed with but not limited to, Bi-Polar, Post Traumatic Stress, Severe Depression, self-mutilation and Board Line Personality Disorder. Every day she took a regiment of medications, on time and as prescribed -

Risperdal 1 mg twice a day

Zolpidem 10 mg per day

Doxepin 150 mg per day

Clonazepam 1 mg - twice a day

Depakote Er 500 mg tablets x 3 at bedtime

Neither the ARNP who wrote the script nor the pharmacist who filled the prescription - talked to or told us of any side effects. A day or two before she took her life, she told me that she made a massive headache and had nausea. Because neither of us were told any of the side effects - my only child is dead. I took her to every appointment, pharmacy, etc. as she also had a fear of driving. It was the Sunday after Dani’s death that I saw the commercial "The Tortoise and The Hare." I called our local Coroner and raised my concerns. He called me back the next day after calling four (4) different labs of which none of them checked for Varenicline. I understand that all branches of our US military and the FAA have quit dispensing it.

 I have filed a complaint with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, against the physician which the state of Kansas assigned to my daughter because she was on SSI. Never did Danielle see or met the doctor, she was treated only by two (2) ARNP's. I have also filed a complaint with the Kansas State Board of Nursing, against the ARNP (Nurse) who wrote the Chantix prescription, knowing full well my daughter's mental history and NOT even mentioning any side effects, to either of us. The Nursing Board told me that it would be at least a year after Dani's death that their investigation could begin. The length of time way TOO LONG as far as I was concerned. Due to Atrocious Medical Personnel and Pfizer Pharmaceutical, I am a Childless Mother.

This drug has a page stuck inside the box with all of the possible side effects written on it. How could a doctor put a person with so many mental health problems on this drug? all drugs have side effects, people taking drugs or in charge of taking drugs should always read the side effects printed on the paper inside all drugs boxes. This is Law in europe I do not know how it works in America but I certainly would not take anything or allow anyone I was responsible for to take any drug unless I had read the leaflet thoroughly and/or spoken to the doctor prescribing.


I realize that all medications have the micro-printed instructions, side effects, all in medical terms. However, how many people really read them? You ask, how a doctor could put a person with so many mental issues and taking so many Psyhcotrophic drugs - on this nonsmoking medicine? Number one is the apathetic and poor medical treatment for people without having "regular insurance." Number two my daughter was gay, she had several taboos and to others I suppose she looked "odd." She had a heart, was loving and caring - animals, babies and old people were passion for her. (Dani was a caring and giving young woman, and she trusted our medical system.) As I stated before she NEVER met or saw the doctor - an ARNP wrote the prescription, not informing her of possible side effects. The Pharmacist gave no consultation, by law both of these "professionals" by law were to due so. Due to the significant mental illnesses the CHANTIX should never have been an option. To me all of these people should answer to the courts - the ARNP, the doctor, the pharmacist and Pfizer. (The doctor had to okay the script). You state that you would speak with the doctor - well. People on state aid just do not get the same treatment. In fact in three (3) appointments Danielle saw two different ARNP’s the first visit, she had a list of questions that she wanted to ask and her was literary "SHOOED" out of the exam room.

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I am so sorry about the loss of your daughter. I applaud your courage in sharing your grief ,and holding these people accountable. One of my daughters has severe mental illness and your story hits me close to my bones. We are supposed to be able to trust the medical community to look out for our loved ones- its criminal that they failed your daughter this way. It is horrible how people without regular insurance and with mental illness are treated. Your daughter was precious and deserved to be treated as so. I wish I had better words to share to help ease your pain. God be with you.

I am sorry for your loss,<br />
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The Doc's, Pharmasis, Nurses are altimetly taught by the Pharmasudicals and encouraged to push the "new" product. The courts will go with what those people recomend. Therefor there is no protection. And it is all done for a profeat of a few dollars! (Greed)<br />
I say all this not just from study but also from experence simular to yours...sorry again.

I am so sorry for your loss and I have heard of several suicides and attempted suicides because of this drug. One of them was my own. I am 35 and Bipolar. I was given the drug in July/07 before there were any warnings about suicide or hallucinations. When my issues began after taking the medication it was blamed on my psych history although I have never been hospitalized. I had severe paranoia, paranoid delusions, hallucinations and I completely stopped eating and drinking. The drug takes away your cravings for nicotine but they dont tell you it can take away the ability to recognize when you need to eat or drink. It wasnt until I was having seizures due to dehydration and starvation that my family really knew I was being affected by Chantix. I have a great lawyer here where I live and I am suing Phizer for every penny I can get out of them. I nearly died from trying to slit my wrists, starvation and then the inability to sleep. I went a week without sleeping and no pill they gave me would work. I also went stark raving mad. My psych was telling my husband I was going to need ECT and permenant placement in a nuthouse. I dont remember much of my experience but the stories my family tells me of what I did and thought and said blow my mind away. I was a nurse and now I can never practice again. Most of my education is wiped from my brain. It has been almost 2yrs and I am still recovering. My brain is completely messed up. I have no depth perception now...I fall all the time. I have what is called word salad. Its where you substitute words that make no sense. I think Im saying word but Im really saying meat. Its weird but its because my brain has been rewired by this drug. Its doing this to so many people and its still on the market. My attorney represents a prize winning writer from Time magazine who can no longer work because of Chantix. It screwed their brain up as well. A woman in my city went berzerk because she felt her 17yr old daughter was not making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right. Her daughter calls the police because her own mother who was a church going wonderful human being has lost her mind and trying to kill her over a damn sandwhich. The police get there and the woman without a word goes and gets her husbands handgun then comes back into the living room and blows her brains out in front of the cops and her 17yr old daughter and 14yr old son. This woman had no history of mental illness and did this. What needs to happen is more lawsuits!!!! Not for the money but its the only way in America at least that we have to send a message to the drug company to get this drug off the market for good. Warnings are obviously not enough. Doctors ignore them because the more scripts they write the more free lunches they get and the more car giveaways they win or free vacations disguised as "confrences" they go on. I know I used to work for doctors. If you are considering Chantix and think Im not mentally ill it wont hurt me read my story again. You could be...someone has to fall in that 10% it might as well be you!

I had no idea about the potential deadly consequences. My child has a similar psyc profile and this is good to know.<br />
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Best in your quest for justice.

I'm so sorry for your loss. As a mother I can empathize and agree that time can not heal all pain. However it sounds like you pain is fueling your investigation which ultimately may result in some significant positive legal ramifications- all won in your daughter's name and in her honor.<br />
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I know that doctors have strongly suggested that I put my 8 year old daughter on meds for ADHD. After going on line and reading the side effects I feel that it should be "last resort"

My hubby just had another script for Varenicline filled back in Dec by the VA. He got a bit grouchy while on it, but not as much as he would have without it. He is also on Wellbutrin tho, so that might have made a difference...?

Wow, that was a terrible tragedy. Yes its true, when you are on other meds, the docs and nurses do not know exactly what the effects of others will have. Im also one to get online wth my scripts and see if they go together. Im actually scared to death of meds period.<br />
A real phobia. Gee Im so so sorry. You do not get over it...losing a child.. May I suggest a support grief group to you? My brother in law lost his daughter and it was only thing that kept him from deep deep depression.<br />
<br />
Please consider it. is good.

I am sorry for your loss! I work in a pharmacy and it is true, Doctor very rarely tell patients anything and about 25% of all orders that come through our pharmacy need to be held because the doctors write out a drug that causes severe interactions or isn't even made anymore! I am lucky to work with a pharmacist that cares about everyone and literally will take 10 minutes to go over each drug with you. I just wish that your daughters doctors and pharmacist would care! I actually stopped seeing doctors after I started working at the pharmacy because I saw that none of the doctors actually cared for the patient!!!!! I saw that they just wrote out scripts to get them to leave and when I would call them and tell them it cant' be filled due to interactions, every doctor would get so pissed off at me and refuse to write a new prescription! Now, when she got her medication, did it include a piece of paper with the side effects on it? It usually is on the back of the big label with her name and address on it? If not, you have a severely huge case on your hands! But, if that paper was included, it is the patients sole responsibility to read up on the drug. I really hope you win and show everyone that people are more concerned about giving you a quick fix of medication than really trying to fix the problem. A interesting fact.... Only 10% of all pharmacist in the U.S actually take medicine or let their family take medicine, whether it be an Rx or on OTC(over the counter) medicine! They know that medicines actually do more harm than good! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!

Thank you for caring and letting me know. Of you would PLEASE spread the word to family & friends how deadly Chantix can be.<br />
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*Big Hug*

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter! I know when I was given doctor never said anything about side effects....My chiropractor was the one that told me about it...He was giving me treating me and knew I was going thru a lot....He called me at my office the next day and said T do you know what the side effects are? I said no not really...he told me about suicide attempts and the hallucinations....He asked when I was going to start it....I told him and do you know that he cared enough to call me 3 days after I started to take it and make sure I was ok....He's a wonderful man and Dr....I wish he was an MD...because he really takes the time to know what's going on with his patients....I wish your daughter had been so lucky!

I am so sorry to hear this. I took Chantix for awhile and it made me extremely depressed. I have heard it causes hallucinations and such. I will never touch it again.

I am so sorry about your little girl. Its such a hard call with medication. Most are safe and a blessing for the majority. Vioxx was one pulled from the market that helped so many people, saved them even from surgery. Unfortunately, even if you had been told, most will go ahead and try it . Side effects happen sometimes, sometimes not. And there is no way to know if you'll have them. Most don't. I know my doc just had me keep on taking Cymbalta for depression even when I said it was making me angry- usually I am passive. 2 weeks into it I really started to notice aggressivon, & snapped at people in anger. After that (just keep taking it, he says), I stopped and have avoided the doc even when necessary. But I recognize it helps many, if not most people. Aspirin would probably not be approved today due to side effects or complications. The worst part of the anger and grief is that you were doing what people tell you you are supposed to do in treating your child. ie what medical professionals told you to do. taking the meds, etc. It would probably not have been any better with a doctor than ARNPs- docs go by a list too. "When Prozac stops working, the book says..." They don't listen to 'you', they usu. never tell you side effects. Commercials tell you more side effects than the docs will. And docs seriously discount reported side effects. usu. blaming the patient. I know you want to blame someone because she was your child, she didn't need to die and she was so very very young. I hope you have some success in at least alerting others, esp medical personnel to risks of Chantix, but its whole medical establishment and maybe all of society, not just those practitioners or that office or clinic. ... as for the grief, I don't think time heals it when its your child.

they are morons <br />
<br />
i've never had kids don' want them really but even i know better than that

Thank you asking and for caring. Everyone tells me that time will heal the wound - they are wrong it get worse everday.

nice work drug companies- NOT

My daughter wanted to get more healthy and quit smoking. Chantix is the newest on the drug market - Pfizer is killing people. I have read people's stories where a spouse has gone off the deep end, become violent, etc. My daughter's death is not the first one due to Chantix - The new ad on TV mentions suicide twice.........

what was the drug percribed to her for