A Most Horrible Experience

Several years ago, while my friend and I were out hunting hyenas, my friend tripped on a log and fell, and his shotgun discharged.  I was walking ahead of him, and the buckshot shattered my elbows.  The doctors couldn't save them, and I had to have both elbows surgically removed.  As a result, I cannot bend my arms.  This makes eating very difficult, as I need to use a special fork with a telescopic rod.  Driving is also a challenge, and wiping my nose is next to impossible.

RockyJones RockyJones
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Rocky, I lost my knees in a hunting accident. I have to do a tumble to sit down.

Yes, most people take their elbows for granted. Your elbows are very important. The same applies to cardboard. Ah, the joys of corrugated cardboard. Where would we be without it?<br />
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I'm in Detroit. Which is almost like Ethiopia.