Trying To Move On

From 2006-2009 my mom, grandmother, dad, daughter (only child) & husband all died. It was like before I could even start dealing with 1 loss another person was gone. I was 29 and at the blink of an eye my whole world had crashed now my mom, dad, grandmother all died of illnesses but my daughter and husband died suddenly/quickly 3 months apart. My husband was 32 and my daughter was 2. I wanted to die and I nearly lost my mind so i went in seclusion to get some 1 on 1 with God so i could get the strength I needed to heal but somedays are still hard as ever. I haven't heard happy bday since they died. I moved over a year ago and no one even asked me for my address nor have I had even 1 visitor. What does a person do when are literally all alone in this world?
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1 Response Feb 1, 2013

You are def not alone. Christ is here for you. I don't know why people aren't visiting you or asking to speak to you, but that's their loss. I can't tell you and I have no answer of why this happened to your family and let me say that I'm sorry. I hope you find peace in the Lord and know that it was not his will for this to happen. Be comforted in the fact that there are people who have overcome tragedy like this and live their lives well. You won't forget, some times will be harder than others, but I promise, that if you just live, put your mind on being happy, on the love of Christ, if you make the will to live important, to serve as an example and continue to be on the road to recovery, then you'll look back one day and think with clarity and remembrance of how you overcame. They would want you to live your life, remember the good times and be happy. So choose today to start. :).