Sadly Yes I Have

From when i was a child i have seen much happen all over the world, and seeing how people act and carry on these days , i think humanity has lost it`s way. And i have had to give up on most people as greed takes over, and therefore lost any faith in humanity

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Hey kevinmcc, I just turned fifty myself and completely agree with your contention. People's behavior has gotten worse in every category at work and in public. I didn't believe in the 'Slippery Slope' theory - but how naïve I was. Yes it does get worse as time passes. Folks today don't have that benefit of seeing things change for the worse over time like we do. The bright side is you can be good to your friends and take care of your family. Couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for speaking up.