Please Hear My Story

Ok, to start off, I am 15 years old. I lost my father in May of 2009. I remember the day they told us, they called my mom and she screamed... I knew what had hapened but didnt wanna acept it, so i asked what happened, and she told me they had just called and said they want her to come and get her husbands body from the hospital...  Now the beggining of this story was in July of 2008. My father had been complaining about stomach problems for a month and so he went to the doctors and that day did surgery, his gullbader had burst and he had a tumor, it was cancerous. Worst 4th of July in my life. So he started recieving chemo, and would be in and out of the hospial for weeks at a time, but then his doctor had over dosed his on his chemo which put him in the hospital for 2 months. The doctors said he was lucky to have survived even the month with a burst gull bladder and now his chances are even less, but he was a soilder and he made it out of the hospital, then in April he was sick again and went back into hospital, and by now this was a normal thing because he went every month in the hospital at least once. But then on a Friday afternoon, the doctor came in and said his tumor had grown back and it is now stage 4 cancer, and he is terminal. That killed my whole family, so the next day, we went in and all sat in his hospital room which was just his because he had caugh a fungus on his lungs from the hospital. We discussed his final wishes and burial wishes and all that. One of the worst days ever... He was supposed to come home that monday so me and my mother were at target getting him things for him coming home that day while my brother (who is 18) was at school. As we are loading the thingws in the car, we get the call.... I was devastated, and all the first holidays after were horrible, especially fathers day. We all fished and we had a tradition to go fishing on every fathers day, we went that year without him... I thought all this was over and I would have time to get everything in my hands again but no. In August my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer... She passed on December 16... All I can wonder is why? Now if all this wasnt enough, my dads brother now has terminal cancer and has less than 6 months... along with one great aunt who is dieing and one who passed just weeks ago... And through all this, I can say i have matured and became a better person, but i miss them so much... It wasnt worth is and I cant help but wonder did I do somthing to deserve this? Well as I head into my sophmore year in highschool, I am in all honors and a good student, I cant help but feel different and when I tell my story to others, I wish it would help, but it never does.... I have learned to just live on and try to do things that I know they would be proud of me for.... Well thank you for taking time to read this and I will keep making them proud

Always and Forever,  Tristen

TristO TristO
Aug 2, 2010