Lost My Dad To Terminal Bladder Cancer at 17

my dad passed away on the 7th march 2012 after haveing advanced bladder cancer for a year he was haveing chemo then he couldnt cope it seemed to make him worse than better he whent in and out of hospital haveing blood transfusion`s and chemo he only had 3 chemo sessions before dr`s decided to stop and it became terminal im only 17 and i was so close to my dad i was such a daddys girl  and this was alot for me to take i looked after him for months before my mum had to give up her job i had no support from anyone i felt so alone in this, he never liked to admit it was terminal he was hanging on to hope it was the most horrific thing i have even seen he got so thin and weak he could not even walk in the end we decided to take him into the hospice and a day n half later he passed away i was not there to say goodbye witch i regret i just dont see myself getting over it but im so young to be dealing with this.
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1 Response Apr 9, 2012

I am so sorry for your loss. My dad is coming to his end with this awful illness. I am lucky being in my 40s to have had time with him. My nan died when I was your aged and I was really close to her. I saw her at the end but had nightmares for years. It took a while but now I just remember the good times, rather than the end, as I am sure that is what she would have wanted. you will not get over it, but learn to cope with it eventually. At least you had 17 years, although I bet that still doesn't seem fair. You will learn who your friends are, talk as much as you can, and I wish you all the best. Cancer research will get my support to stop people going through this hell and will help me cope by doing something positive.