My Hero... My Old Man.

I lost my father about 5 years ago to liver cancer when he was 60 and I was 22. He passed away the day after his wifes (my moms) birthday and the day before there anniversary. He was a great man, a hero in my eyes who stood for everything a true gentleman should be in all aspects. As much as I miss him, I tell myself this everyday: In watching my father take his last breath through a painful struggle with cancer, I have experienced the most difficult thing a young man can experience at a young age. In accepting this statement, I draw strength in knowing that since this event is behind me, there is nothing in my future to fear, for the worst is behind me. I sure do miss my father, and especially in my young adult need for a strong, intelligent advisor role, now that I need advice in career moves, house/auto purchases and everything that comes with becoming your own man.
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Your story is very moving and it is nice to read that you are now empowered. Cancer is truly a devastating disease. I lost my dad to cancer and I can resonate with anyone that went throught this painful experience.<br />
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I lost my mom to gallbladder cancer that had spread to an inoperable part of her liver. She was 71 when she died, and I was 31. I have missed having her to talk over many things that have happened to me in the last 17 years of my adult life.<br />
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I lost my dad to a heart attack when I was 22 and he was only 66. I miss him as well, but he's been gone so long, my memories of him aren't as vivid.

So sorry to hear about your loss but your outlook is refreshing. It says a lot about your spirit!