Just recently.. well i guess its been about a month now... is that still recent? I'm not sure..

april 30,2012 at 3:33 am. 

Bye daddy...
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I lost my grandfather to a severe stroke/heart attack on June 11, 2007@ 12:45pm. I was in his hospital room when he passed away. I could see him standing next to me, his hand on my sholder saying, " I've never dissapered from this world, I'm just not visable to anyone but you. You and everyone else that's here for me... you ment the world to me. Don't cry, smile. There's no more suffering for me. I love you. " Then he dissapered. He always visits me, in fact... he's with me now, hand on my sholder telling me , "Don't cry my little angel on earth, be strong."