Eleven Years In September

I lost my father to liver cancer on September 19th, 2001. I was sixteen years old. He had told his hospice nurse that he wanted to do two things before he passed: 1. He wanted me to drive him somewhere and 2. He wanted to live to he and my mother's 25th wedding anniversary. Their anniversary was September 18th. I took him on a drive when I turned 16 the August before he passed. He was a strong man with a tough past. I miss him every day and wonder what he would think of me now. Hope I get to see him again one day when this life is over. Staying strong for you, Pop...
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2012

my dad died exactly 3 months ago, I'm an adult but I miss him…<br />
I'm very touched by your dolor, you were a kid when he died…

True love with ur papa i miss my dad in an accident i like to be u now bye

I hope you get to see him again one day.I think if you live your life how he would have wanted then he would be proud of you.Continue to stay strong for your dad.Thanks for sharing.