The Sound Of Silence

One month ago today we had our last conversation, after ten more agonizing days you were finally able to let go. I miss you so incredibly much Dad. The world is so quiet without you here. We had so much bonus time, after your first miracle it was so much easier to hope for another. The strength you showed while you suffered so silently is once again another lesson you left for us. I want to move on and move forward like you told us to, but I find it hard to leave your house because at least while I'm there I can't forget you're gone. I want to make you proud, Mom is doing ok. You would be so proud of her, she is following all of your directions and we laugh when we realize you were right. You made so much of this easy for us with your instructions, I just wish it would have been easier for you.
Sueysue Sueysue
1 Response Aug 27, 2012

I want to stay in my father's house for the exact same reason.<br />
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Always remember that he is with attention to the signs. On the morning of my father's death, we saw the sun rise for the first time in 2 weeks, as the weather had been horrible. To this day, I say that he did that for me.