He Wasn't Quite 50

I lost my father on Veteran's Day 2011. I had a plane schedule to go to Florida that day and had to cancel it because of his death.

We had a rough time together throughout most of my life. It was [a form of] pancreatic cancer (we think).

I watched this man, this patient, calm, strong, brave man wither away slowly for 10 months.

I lived with him during his last few months. Fortunately, most of his family was here at his time of passing...they knew it was the end.

He was the greatest man I'll ever know. He was so patient and fearless of his illness. If more people could be as calm and collected as he was his whole life, our world would be a better place.

I am almost 25 and getting married next year. He won't be here to walk me down the isle. He won't meet his grandchildren someday. He'll never know my husband.

I am living in his house...this house that made me. I feel him here all the time. I yearn to hear his soothing voice again...feel his big hugs again. I miss him so much. The pain doesn't go away.
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And the thing that pains me most is that as I was writing this, I began forgetting things about him...