I Lost Him When I Was Just 10

he was my dad. he took care of me, my brother and mum. he was faithful, never did anything wrong. he never smoked. he was just... my dad. And we were just... normal.
Then he got cancer.
He was mis-diagnosed in 2006, as half his face had become drooped (which upset him alot, he had to be forced to have any photos taken. The ones he is in are with him frowning)
This shortened his chances of surviving, and resulted in a lot more pain.
He was involved in a court case for compensation for the mis-diagnosis in 2007-2008 (i was young, blurry on the details)
we won.
he took a turn for the worse.
the treatment did not work.
he died in the january of 2009 aged 50.
And I was 10.
Later that year, i had appendicitis, and my first opperation.
I passed my sats
i have recently got a B and 2 A's in the physics and biology exams i have done.
But he has missed out on me.
He died to soon.
SummerDaze14 SummerDaze14
13-15, F
Sep 10, 2012